The Shaahi Food in Whitechapel

Best Shaahi Food in Whitechapel London

The Shaahi food is a particular type of food mostly enjoyed by Shaahi (The Sultans) people during the time of Sultans. They are known as Nabab and most commonly known as the Governor of Bengal.

The food culture of the Sultan was distinctive during the Caliphate’s time and was influenced by a distinctive type of Shaahi Nabab dining. The Shaahi food was not common to the public during that time and only the higher echelons of society could afford such luxurious cuisines.

Haji Nanna was a head chef born in 19th century who created new dishes and recipes following the authentic food ingredients and cooking styles of the Sultan and maintained the cooking processes as used in Sultan’s time. The dishes created by Haji Nanna took time and preparation to make and only the freshest ingredients were used giving maximum flavour. These dishes were later handed down from Nanna Biryani and refined intricately to perfection for the ultimate taste.

Some of the authentic dishes are Kachchi Biryani, Shaahi Murgh Pilau, and Beef Rezala. Our dishes are created using traditional cooking methods and finest ingredients to give a distinct and unique taste which we hope you will remember. If you cannot find a dish you like, request us to prepare your desired dish.